To build a successful company in today’s competitive market, businesses must do things differently than they have in the past – business transformation and the integration of technology have become a strategic necessity.

It used to be that bringing productivity technologies and business management into a small to mid-sized company was out of reach because of the expense it also brought to the company.

That is no longer the case. With Solution Builders as your business’s virtual CIO, we take the complexity factor out and work with you to ensure you understand technology, and are able to leverage it as your new competitive advantage to enhance the growth and productivity of your whole team and company.



We know what businesses like yours want, and more importantly, what they don’t want. The Solution Builders team is dependable, process-driven and committed to being Your Technology Partner!  This means more productive workdays that are less likely to be interrupted by computer disruptions.

Our SB360 IT Management Solution is a comprehensive, metrics-driven IT support program ideal for small to mid-sized companies wanting to leverage technology to grow their businesses.

Real-time monitoring with the SB360 system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
monitors your desktops, servers, network infrastructure and connectivity. It allows our forward-thinking team to recommend changes and perform upgrades to your system, when needed. Our goal is to make issues invisible to you by resolving them before they ever become a ‘problem’ that affects your network or employees. We strive to ensure you are able to work, uninterrupted, and focus on the growth of your business.

People are one of the greatest assets for successful IT operations and overall business growth. Solution Builders offers staffing assistance from Interim-to-hire, project management to permanent hire placement. So whether you need a Fractional CIO or a management team member, we bring solutions that fit your budget and are best for your unique needs.


Now with Solution Builders we get real time answers and a 5-Star Help Desk! Their knowledge of our networks and Office 365 makes our company more productive and their strategic recommendation to move us to our new platform has really set us up for success.

~ Greg, Vice-President, Manufacturing

Prior to hiring Solution Builders I tracked my time and discovered that over 40% of my time was spent on IT issues.  Now my time is spent as billable time serving our clients and growing our business.  Solution Builders is not a vendor… they are our professional IT Department and a strategic partner!

~ Matt, Architect Firm
During our 4 years of working together, they have seamlessly scaled support for our company’s rapid growth while standardizing and stabilizing our IT environment between our three locations.  They take all things IT off my list of concerns and they just handle it.  They are honest, fair and professional.  We are proud to partner with Solution Builders!
Vice-President, Solution Builders Client

Solution Builders proactive IT management system delivers – our firm has not experienced server down time in over 5 years! Creating a worry-free IT environment allows us to really focus on building client-first relationships with our business and individual clients.

~ Steve, Managing Principal, Accounting Firm

When our system was down, we had a software glitch or email didn’t work, our architectural firm couldn’t work – and that was expensive!  Solution Builders gives us piece of mind. With their proactive approach and built-in redundancies we no longer have down time- just reliability and high productivity!

Managing Partner, Architect Firm

As an accounting and business consulting firm, our Technology Consulting Practice assists companies to leverage technology. But when it comes to our piece of mind, we count on Solution Builders to make our IT work.

Managing Principal, Top 25 Accounting Firm

If you have been searching for a cloud system with enterprise-class technology and worry-free IT, ThnAir™ is the cloud you have been looking for. It is built just for YOU.

As a leading IT solutions provider, Solution Builders is the trusted cloud partner for small to mid-sized businesses to help firms like yours (including highly secure accounting, finance, and legal firms) with the planning, delivery, and management of a cloud-computing system that is customized to your needs.

You can rest assured that your information is safe and secure and your responsive, 24/7 “always live”, support team is always available and ready to assist with any support you may need. We go out of our way to make IT work for you, with complete ease, in the cloud.



We want to take the burden off you and provide IT product solutions that are custom tailored to best fit the needs of your business. Our team at Solution Builders is made up of hardware and software specialists. They brings their expert skills together to understand how to best navigate and leverage vendor programs to work as part of YOUR team to make IT work for you and ensure the best interest of your strategic needs.

Solution Builders IT Product Solutions include:

  • Technology Needs Assessment and Cost Analysis
  • IT Product Selection, Sourcing, and Procurement
  • In-Depth Knowledge of Vendor Incentive Programs
  • Management of Network and Systems Inventory
  • Management of Software Licensing and Hardware Support
  • Subscription Renewals